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Letter to my Boyfriend October 26, 2009

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To my beau,
Whom I love so.
Rise and fall,
We overcome these things
I call our faults,
And surpass them all.
I must confess,
That you are the best,
And I can’t figure out
How you finessed
Your way into my heart.
And now it hurts to be apart.
and as long as I breathe
I will not settle
for anything less.
I think
It’s cute how your
and how
Everyone says
I talk about
all the time.
To say that I “like” you
would be amazingly false.
In your eyes I’m forever lost.
Continually chastised by those
Who remain irrelevant
And incredibly insignificant.
You are the spice
in my listless life.
And I believe
With vast amout of certainty
We can achieve
A prominent life together.
In my eyes you’ve already won
Because in this life for me
There’s only one.


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