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One Of Kind October 26, 2009

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Since the day
I found out her name;
I too,
wanted to play the game.
love became a fable.
Guess I was little more incompetent
And a little less able,
To keep
happy and fufilled.
Our life of love
Has shifted downhill.
Sensation fades,
While I’ve been played
My heart’s scorned
Like a forest ablaze.
Things change,
I am
Estranged and ashamed.
Thinking simply I was to blame.
This Fluke
Has got me feeling
Having a little less than a clue
You insisted I splurge
Clearly oblivious
As to why
were so persistent.
Only to find you were
On the verge
Of finding a new bird
To satisfy your
Less than ravishing urge.
Why was I so hell bent,
That you were heaven sent?
So respectful and endearing.
Never sneering
I just couldn’t fathom
your departure
Rest assure
I can NEVER be cured.
I refrained
From displaying
My pain.
I am Numb
at what I’ve become.
Twisted thoughts,
Emotions lost
How can I live,
With these profain thoughts?
I demand your love at ALL costs
If I cannot be your first and only
Well then,


Niether can she.


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