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Schemin’ and Feenin October 26, 2009

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When I seen him
I was schemin’
Got a devastating need
To be Relieved.
Tryna hide
My heavy,
Dare to Exhale,
I must be dreamin’.
A destined neccesity unveiled
Like a slave,
I Gave
To this tempting sin.
He was so mysterious
And that,
Made me curious.
His ocean like motions
made me delerious.
This man so focused and serious.
My hands
moved so smoothe
Across his body,
Like how the blind read Braille.
His love was off the richter scale.
Nothing dismal like an earthquake.
His love’s like
my favorite milkshake.
He riveted me
With his animalistic
I tried to keep my distance.
Damn it,
It was Dynamic,
My body disbanded
I just couldn’t stand it.
With him I was candid
My heart was the jewel,
And he was the bandit.
I catered
to his arousing behavior.
I Savored his flavor.
I will always treasure,
This man,
A Chocolate pleasure.
He made our moment a
Memorable endevor
His Beautiful brown skin
Clearly Glistens
While I feel the man within.
Cool sighs
Made me cloud nine
I did try,
But when I close
My eyes.
My imagination


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