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The TRUTH October 26, 2009

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I love you,
But I won’t cry,
Not anymore.
I just tend have a glazed
Look in my eye.
need the TRUTH
From you.
you see,
need to know
I am the girl
for you.
So when you smile
ten teeth wide
And tell me
A beautiful LIE
I can’t decide
Whether if I
want to know
The truth
Or just have faith
And just let it BE.
But I’m too paranoid
So let’s see.
It’s sitting there…
stalking me…
The TRUTH wants to talk
To ME.
Like an unwanted call
I look the other way
But I KNOW you dropped the ball.
wants to become my friend today,
Since we’ve never been aquianted before.
And oh my
There it is on the floor,
Something you never leave,
The very thing
adore so much.
Perhaps more than me.
I’d be wrong to touch
That guilt does not phase me now.
Decisions, decisions
This sensation burns at my fingertips
At the thought of the gist
The TRUTH and I
Have a tryst.
The glow reflects through my narrow
But focused vision.
I began
To sip from the vile
Of deceit,
Only to find
All These
Photos of
Who are not me.
Dressed to impress
in the very thing
They were born in.
I knew,
I saw three
Little letters between
your eyes
That night.
How could you deceive me?
Why would you commit
For no legitimate
Agaisnst me,
Your African Queen.
I mean,
I could only dream
I Am not
Women enough?
Has your lust
What we share
Between us?
It seems you have
Became so comfortable
It has made you ill.
That your love is my only will.
My emotions,
I spilled.
Although you kept
yours from me still.
Like a fool, I believed.
And like a tool, you decieved.
My rock, on which I relied.
My love was real,
while yours was a lie.


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