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Cold November 3, 2009

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You stole,
My carefree soul.
Now I feel cold–
No frigid.
No longer delicate,
My hands feel rigid.
When you departed,
My heart,
turned cold like ice,
Sadly It paid the price.
Skies No longer sunny.
Now lifeless,
Nothing seems funny.

I feel the cold air escape
Betwixt my voiceless lips.
I feel my fragile life
Slipping away from my grip.
Like a waterfall,
Tears trickle.
Transforming into
Miniature icesicles.

I am cold–
No glacial.
My beauty and charisma
Has become soiled and dull.
I venture on into the abyss.
To find what I have dearly missed.
More caring than daring.
I simply find myself
uncontrollably staring.

It’s glowing,
The love that keeps
My blood flowing.
It’s been so long
Since Ive known the rush
That get from your touch.
your love warms me up.
I was enthralled
When I realized my icebox
Could be thawed.
A kiss of sheer bliss
To wake thee.
Whole again, your love makes me.
What was lost, now found.
What was quiet, now sound.


Ying to my yang October 26, 2009

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The Ying to my yang,
Strength through my pain.
Careless to what people may perceive,
You must believe, that You complete me
The man that makes me push up my sleeves and tough it out.
Because what we’re about
Is something more
Like a thing of beauty.
You are true, though most try
but cannot be.
However we will succeed,
Cause we possess everything
A good relationship needs.
What we have is Innocent
and bound to be infinite.
You lift my stressed spirits
And your love is the purest.
There’s no getting away
From the thought of you.
And there’s no simple way
To say
That I love you.
The apple of my eye,
For you I would lie.
And for you my love I would die,
As long as you promise to
Forever stand by my side


Letter to my Boyfriend

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To my beau,
Whom I love so.
Rise and fall,
We overcome these things
I call our faults,
And surpass them all.
I must confess,
That you are the best,
And I can’t figure out
How you finessed
Your way into my heart.
And now it hurts to be apart.
and as long as I breathe
I will not settle
for anything less.
I think
It’s cute how your
and how
Everyone says
I talk about
all the time.
To say that I “like” you
would be amazingly false.
In your eyes I’m forever lost.
Continually chastised by those
Who remain irrelevant
And incredibly insignificant.
You are the spice
in my listless life.
And I believe
With vast amout of certainty
We can achieve
A prominent life together.
In my eyes you’ve already won
Because in this life for me
There’s only one.